Lab Material Management

Receive, barcode, and track materials throughout multiple facilities, while providing search and request workflow for R&D. Monitor and report on material types, quantities, and locations for environmental and safety compliance.

There are a number of problems a company can face when they do not have a company-wide, real time inventory solution in place.  The challenges can be daunting, particularly knowing how much effort goes into capturing this information in order to produce a report or entertain an inspection.  Levels of inventory can range from a few hundred containers of a few different materials to tens of thousands of containers of thousands of different materials with various levels of differing hazards.  Are you confident you can keep track of how much is in inventory or where they can be found?  If they are stored correctly or should have already been disposed of?  Are users able to find the materials they need or do they hoard what they have and order more even if they could get it just down the hall because they don’t know?

Many organizations have a large number of slightly different systems tracking overlapping details about the materials in inventory (EHS, Safety, LIMS, Regulatory, Electronic Lab Notebooks, Accounting, etc.).  Inventory is just another system that requires the entry of lots of information in order to provide the value that is possible. Users want a system that will make it easy to access correct and complete data in the system. They need a solution that is comprehensive and simple at the same time.

Lab Material Management is a solution for chemical inventory management in a single lab or multiple worldwide laboratories, delivering all the necessary tools to accurately track and report chemicals and supplies while meeting safety and regulatory compliance requirements, including:  

  • Barcode labeling 
  • Remote inventory control 
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management.