Lab Scheduling

Provide paperless lab scheduling which takes into account resource availability, constraints and deadlines.

To be fair, there are many tools and concepts existing today to manage your planning and scheduling.  However, these tools can be difficult to manage due to their nature of being very manual, complex, error prone and time consuming. 

With this in mind, we designed automated tools to integrate planning and scheduling into your labs.  With a centralized system, collaborative and dynamic activities can easily gained with automated optimization engines built in. In fact, the "Lab Scheduling" solution has 3 built-in engines to optimize your product development; Production Scheduler, Synchronized Resource planner, and Manufacturing Planner.

The Lab Scheduling solution offers collaborative lab planning and scheduling solutions which are totally integrated into ERP, MES, and PLM solutions.  It provides a comprehensive line of services in the planning and scheduling field. Specifically, Lab Scheduling supports these 3 main activities:

  • Forecasting your lab workload:  Lab-level capacity planning and leveling that ensures development will be executed on time against available capacity.  Optimization of raw material and semi-finished component inventory and projected stock requirements.
  • Plan, schedule and adjust:  Optimization and synchronization across constrained processes (machines, labor, inventories, material  flow, set-up time, etc.) at finite capacity. Decision support analysis and 'what-if' simulation that drives collaborative engagement of all stakeholders with immediate plan synchronization and visibility                                                       
  • Deliver efficient lab results: Accelerate development to meet due dates and order quantities based on finish product daily net demand, available capacity and material stocks at any level of the BOM.  Optimize development runs.