Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling

Perform scientific analysis leveraging Machine Learning to automate and standardize manual, repetitive data preparation and collation tasks to provide optimized results.

Traditional data analytics already has significant applicability within science-driven industries.  But the potential of newer techniques is boundless.  Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling is about the data science of modeling existing data to predict new properties, performances, composition, etc.  It enables you to go through the stages of acquiring data, characterizing that data, cleaning it, modeling it and then predicting the data for new systems, running optimizations or suggesting new experiments.

With the Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling solution, scientists can provide meaningful results with extensive scientific data analysis and machine learning capabilities applicable across industries.  This can ensure data standardization, operational efficiency and increased productivity.  Run complex protocols and applications developed with less effort/time than with traditional programming environments though a visual UI.  The solution enables the rapid democratic consumption of results by producing and deploying scientific solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.