Scientific Intelligence & Ideation

Make better and more informed decisions by accelerating the conversion of scientific data into knowledge and action.

In a laboratory, data is the most valuable currency.  The better you can view, manage and utilize data, the better insights and ideas you will create to fuel innovation.  And with streamlined processes, the faster you can get to market with superior benefits for consumers.

The Scientific Intelligence & Ideation solution is full of capabilities to give you a holistic view of all data from many sources: ELNs, Patents, Articles, etc.  With immediate access to this information you can find new ideas, fuel new areas of research  and leverage existing and new data to reduce experimental costs and shorten project timelines. 

With Scientific Intelligence & Ideation, you can:

  • Drill into experiment data from ELNs to re-use data efficiently
  • Search holistically across all data silos
  • Utilize semantics and data analytics to ensure scientists can retrieve relevant data
  • Build up relationships between terms and concepts with semantic networks
  • Collaborate socially through dashboards and open discussion networks