Scientific Project Management

Make decisions to direct projects in order to deliver specific capabilities targeted to a product profile. Use efficient and informed scientific decision-making to drive research paths and resources based on synthetic, live and contextualized information.

One of the core tenets of successful collaboration is for everyone to have access to the same information in real-time.  This is particularly true of scientific collaboration.  When collaboration is based on single-source-of-truth data and live access is granted, ideas come faster, solutions are created more easily and innovation flows more smoothly.

With the Scientific Project Management solution, scientists can translate marketing brief objectives into a project and easily assess candidate properties and performances.  A Discover Decision Path can be set in order to meet the TPP or goal of the received brief.  Within the solution you're able to merge data from simulations, experiments and external research and add context to support informed decisions. 

With Scientific Project Management, many customers have experienced improved collaboration and innovation through:

  • Unifying data from different sources to be shared internally & externally,
  • Harmonizing and standardizing processes 
  • Improving IP protection

As well as reductions in experimental cycle times via:

  • Real-time project tracking
  • Streamlined tech transfer
  • Faster decision making