Artwork and Copy Management

Ensure fast and accurate artwork creation

The Artwork and Copy Management solution enables CPG and retail companies to accomplish all elements of a package to a single repository.  On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, companies can manage and approve copy assets in order to maintain control from copy creation to final artwork approval.  These capabilities help avoid potential errors, which could result in a product recall.

The artwork ‘ecosystem’ tends to be pretty large, and an effective, thorough solution is the only way to drive the right efficiency and oversight while moving as swiftly as possible. The Dassault Systemes solution empowers the collaboration between artwork studio, sales, marketing, packaging, R&D, purchasing, promotions and regulatory and legal affairs.  This means sharing all necessary information with the right person at the right time, while keeping track of all changes and revisions.  CPG and retail companies can manage the development and lifecycle of labels, design artwork templates, and create master copy once.  Want to localize packaging fast for a new market opportunity?  With the solution you can dynamically generate product artwork variants with language mapping instead of creating each piece of artwork from scratch, publish copy to artwork using industry standards (Adobe®, XML) and provide a digital review.  This means faster to market with no mistakes.

Key benefits of the solution:

  • Create and localize copy text with speed
  • Share the right artwork every time (avoid revision confusion)
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Virtually eliminate product recalls due to labeling errors
  • Get copy right the first time
  • Empower the collaboration between internal departments and external agencies