Ideation Management

Connect experts for ideation and collaborate across the value chain

In the experience economy, product managers need to understand the needs of consumers. Social  collaboration is the best way to achieve this - where everyone can share and develop ideas to obtain a deep understanding of needs, wants and priorities.

When you collaborate with engineering, information sharing must be clear, unambiguous, and well-managed.  To make this information sharing efficient, it must be done in a structured way.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports both social and structured collaboration in one complete system. It allows all stakeholders to be in their familiar environments while supporting connected collaboration throughout the process.  This means your consumers and your engineers can be more closely connected and working towards achieving ideal outcomes.

The key components of ideation management include:

  • Connect to Experts: Members register their skills, qualifications, project information along with descriptions of areas of interest. Searching for members with experience in specific domains helps to leverage expertise across the eco-system. Surveys and ideation funnels are useful to solicit feedback from a broad range of participants. Ideas are advanced through a funnel as they mature.
  • Mature ideas: Sharing ideas and participating in discussions is a necessity during product development. Ideas can be tracked with an ideation funnel and prioritized based on feedback from all stakeholders including consumers.
  • Collaborate across the value chain: Connect all relevant consumers together in a social network around common themes. Harness the ideas from the supply chain with social collaboration.