Mold & Tooling

Flexible and highly-customizable approach from concept to detailed mold and tooling design and machining

When considering mold and tooling, there are several critical factors to keep in mind if you want to keep costs down and improve production times.  It’s critical to optimize the mold design and then to have a smooth machining process for the mold.  

The Mold & Tooling solution from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides one integrated solution from part design to tooling manufacturing.  You’ll have access to plastic injection in the environment of the mold designer.  Easily automate design tasks and assist user decision-making.  In order to save time and money, the solution will facilitate and reduce the time of design change from the part to the mold thanks to automatic updates.   And throughout the process you’ll be able to anticipate and check manufacturing compliance.

When it comes to mold machining, the main idea is to maximize knowledge re-use. As a new mold reaches production stage, machining specialists will apply the methods and user templates they have been developing previously, to apply them to the new mold project in a transparent way.  Tool path computation is performed with collision detection for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing.

As a final step, material removal simulation helps validating that the different operations can be launched in the shop-floor without any collision. The customer’s machine, tools and materials investments are protected. No machine has to be used in the shop-floor for unproductive “physical” tests time.

Benefits of the Mold & Tooling solution:

  • Mitigate production risk by programming directly in a 3D lifelike simulation of the complete machine
  • Make cost-effective decisions with detailed ‘impact analysis’ for engineering and manufacturing changes
  • Improve programming accuracy by simulating the real behavior of complex machine tools
  • Improve quality of the final product by capturing and reusing preferred and proven machining strategies