Perfect Initiative

Coordinate packaging projects both inside and outside the company

Packaging projects require extensive coordination across internal design, and engineering functions and external design and marketing agencies, artwork studios, mold engineers and suppliers. Often, projects can get stuck in resource bottlenecks, cycles of rework, or cost overruns due to poor coordination across a broad set of functions, organizations and suppliers.

Perfect Initiative connects all of the people involved in a packaging initiative and keeps them in sync by centrally managing project plans and execution to ensure on time and on budget KPIs.

New packaging initiatives can leverage company best practices to simplify project start-up and standardize execution. The software automatically generates project milestones, tasks and schedules and updates project members on the tasks, documents and deliverables they are responsible for. Deliverables and project meeting minutes are connected to tasks, schedules and milestones to keep a historical record.

Packaging initiative leaders can instantly see project progress through project dashboards and reports with real-time visibility of overall schedule, phases, gates, resources, costs and benefits.