Perfect Packaging Concept

Cut package concept development from six weeks to 48 hours

Developing new packaging concepts requires designers to translate consumer opinions into new designs that can STOP, HOLD and CLOSE the sale at the shelf. In the past, package designers and industrial engineers sketched new package designs on paper which didn't help in getting accurate and actionable consumer feedback.

Perfect Packaging Concept enables designers to sketch their ideas directly into 3D by bringing together the intuitiveness of creative 2D painting gestures and the power of accurate, realistic 3D modeling. For most packaging designers, sketching is the medium of choice to express their ideas. By making sketching in 3D as intuitive as sketching on paper, Perfect Package Concept brings an experience that matches creative purposes while removing any barriers towards 3D creation.

Designers can better visualize and share their designs and collaborate with technical packaging engineers to create the perfect package without losing key design elements. Industrial designers and package engineers can define more design alternatives, investigate package feasibility very early in the design process and select the best candidates based on consumer feedback and manufacturability.