Perfect Visualization

See shopper insights in the context of realistic retail environment

Nearly 75 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the store, with most decisions happening within five to eight seconds. Every element of the package including color, graphics, ingredients and even usage instructions can drive which product goes in the basket or stays on the shelf. Yet 50 percent of all packaging initiatives fail and only 10 to 15 percent of packaging initiatives make a discernible impact on sales.

Creating and testing new packaging concepts can be very difficult. Agencies sketch 2D concepts but consumers find it difficult to assess new designs unless they are in 3D. Physical prototypes are costly and time consuming to create and may not reflect the end-design due to engineering and manufacturing constraints.

Perfect Visualization can cut concept development from six weeks to under 48 hours by sketching in 3D, automated tools to refine the design and create realistic rendering of new packages. Real-time rendering allows consumers to see photorealistic packaging concepts in both an in-store and in-home context to help accelerate package validation efforts without creating costly prototypes.