Structural & Transportation Packaging Design

Unique solution for true end-to-end packaging design on a single platform

Beyond the primary package design, the secondary, tertiary and pallet designs for the product are critical to success but often the last designs to be addressed.  The Structural & Transportation Packaging Design solution provides a single platform to design packaging from the single unit…all the way through pallet configuration and transport.  It contains a powerful and easy to use set of capabilities to design packaging for trade unit, point of sales, and Shelf ready packaging.   The solution enables the integration of knowledge-based validation and design use cases, using rules, checks and actions to automate complex tasks such as automatic filling of the Transportation unit.

Technologically, the solution is based on simplified but realistic behaviors of materials (cardboard, plastic, etc.).  It offers dedicated features for the structural engineer including a 3D application showing the user the value of one single model with two views (folded/unfolded).  The structural engineer will be able to design the package in the context of the primary package or industrial product.  From the outset, the solution will integrate manufacturing properties.  It can even manage folded cycles to have a different state of the product in order to validate the design.  Using a catalog of standard packaging will conveniently accelerate the design phase to get your items to market faster.  Additionally, it can integrate to SIMULIA apps to run pack integrity tests from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Key capabilities of the solution include:

  • Consumer unit design
  • Trade unit design automation
  • Transport unit design automation
  • Design optimization validated by 3D virtual simulation
  • Packaging static simulation
  • Dynamic solution for transport