Perfect Product

The fastest path to formula optimization and compliance

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Perfect Product enables beauty, healthcare, chemical and household product brands and contract manufacturers to efficiently manage the product's cost, regulatory and quality parameters as key drivers for business success. Perfect Product combines the strength of a best-in-class formula design solution that can directly leverage raw materials compliance and regulatory data in one system of record. Perfect Product enables teams to understand consumer needs, design and test the formula for efficacy and manufacturability, optimize its cost using raw materials substitutions, ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements and analyze how it performs in the market.

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Benefits of Perfect Product

  • Reduce sourcing costs by up to 30%

    Utilize a 'design for cost' strategy and leverage raw materials substitutions to deliver critical savings.

  • Cut time-to-develop by up to 20%

    Enable people, processes and systemes to collaborate through the same business platform to avoid iteration loops that cause delays.

  • Virtually eliminate product recalls due to noncompliance

    Leverage a regulatory management solution that continually evaluates product formulas for material compliance and provides real time alerts to any potential violations.

  • Increase consumer loyalty

    Utilize a robust and agile formula design solution that manages powerful ingredient-level calculations to deliver a formula that performs and drives consumer repurchase.

Adopt Perfect Formulation

Transform your abilities to find the most optimal product solution, right the very first time, to get to market fast. Optimize costs and ensure regulatory compliance with the latest digital tools.