Perfect Discovery

Innovate faster using in-silico modeling to predict how a formulation will behave

Market pressures compel companies to rapidly launch new formulations. Changing consumer preferences, competitive response and profitability result in the need for a new product turnarounds in as little as a few months. Consumer Packaged Goods companies and petrochemical laboratories must continue to innovate, and the key to an accelerated innovation proces is found in developing new, formulated products better and faster than ever before.

Perfect Discovery enables researchers in the CPG and chemical industries to achieve rapid innovation through streamlined formulated processes. This is driven by an improved understanding of how complex formulations will behave as well as screening of new chemical entities.

Through the use of molecular modeling, scientists can find ways to decrease the time and cost of developing new formulations by predicting the behavior of ingredients in formulations, thereby reducing the amount of time needed with physical testing. Molecular modeling can predict miscibility of ingredients, potential reaction degradation pathways, and examine the effect of changing active ingredients on formulation behavior.

Perfect Discovery

Discover new materials and ingredients to enhance new product offerings