Perfect Production

Agile planning, scheduling and supply chain management

available on premise

Just-in-time manufacturing is now the norm for brands to satisfy expanding consumer demands. Demand forecasting, flexibility and accurate planning are focus areas to produce on-time, below cost and with consistent quality. With streamlined production operations, manufacturers gain transparency, reduce complexity and successfully meet both planned and unexpected orders.

Perfect Production is an agile solution from order to execution plus supply chain management. Global manufacturers and suppliers improve synchronization of material flows and scheduling that could otherwise result in bottlenecks, errors and cost increases if not unaddressed.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the solution has manufacturing operations management and optimization features for better visibility, control and synchronization to ensure production targets are met. Perfect Production supports “Any Product, Any Plant” agility and consistency through the standardization of best practices across global sites.

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Benefits of Perfect Production

  • Improve end-to-end planning and optimization

    A platform to help achieve a higher level of operational performance that lower costs, improves production quality and accelerates new product introductions.

  • Improve production flexibility across multiple geographies

    Satisfy global as well as local demands in a timely manner by accurately assigning production resources that reduces machine idle time.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs

    Support multiple material replenishment models and inventory management techniques to eliminate obsolete inventory.

  • Institute a global approach to traceability and containment

    Implement rapid containment of raw materials, components, work-in-progress and final products across the entire manufacturing supply chain.

  • Digitize Lean Practices on the shop floor

    Leveraging a modern, customizable and interactive touchscreen- enabled solution to capture, monitor and track operational meetings.

Adopt Perfect Production

A solution dedicated to CPG and Home & Lifestyle companies for agile planning, scheduling and supply chain management

Success story

L'Oréal: Manufacturing Operations Management

World beauty leader L'Oreal uses Dassault Systèmes solution for manufacturing operations management by capturing and sharing best practices across a complex manufacturing network.

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"The solution makes information available in real-time, which is then visible to our entire organization. This lets us react to consistent data at any level, leading to process improvement.”

L'Oreal Plant Manager