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CPG Manufacturers and Retailers spend tremendous amounts of resources in an effort to optimize productivity of brands and categories. This involves investments across a broad range of areas including in-store marketing, packaging initiatives, store signage, planogram design, etc. But how can you truly evaluate new ideas before spending the resources to support them?

Thanks to Perfect Shelf by simulating retail settings inside immersive, lifelike 3D virtual environments, both Consumer Packaged Goods companies and Retailers can better imagine new ideas and concepts, validate new executions with shoppers and execute winning shopping experiences. All while focusing on increasing the metrics that are most critical: consumer loyalty, brand and category profitability, in-store compliance and equity measures.

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General Mills France Customer Story

Haagen-Dazs builds the perfect ice cream aisle with virtual tools....and then works with Retail partners to design the optimal merchandising strategies based on category placement and store layout.  All using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform!

Benefits of Perfect Shelf

  • Increase sales and margins

    Optimize retail shelf productivity through better, more informed decisions and more options to evaluate during the planning process.

  • Improve speed to shelf

    Perfect Shelf can accelerate category management and space planning and speed up validation of the shopping experience at a lower cost.

  • Improve in-store compliance

    Perfect Shelf can help improve compliance, execution and store experience across all formats by improving the quality of store planning.

  • Enhance collaboration between manufacturer and retailer

    By taking a real-time 3D approach to joint business planning, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers can leverage Perfect Shelf to create better merchandising strategies.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    By leveraging virtual research, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers can use Perfect Shelf to reduce time to market and have better execution.

Perfect Shelf

Perfect Shelf is a highly effective 3D merchandising software solution that enables CPG brand manufacturers and retailers to redefine the shopping experience, illustrate the impact of new ideas, optimize space planning and maximize compliance….in less time and at a lower cost.

Success story

WD-40 Customer Story

WD-40 needed to expand its presence and sought a solution to help the company design and deploy brand merchandising proposals to retailers. Perfect Shelf’s category management capabilities create more realistic and visual merchandising plans that are easily tailored to a retailer’s store environment to accelerate shoppers’ comprehension and improve the visibility of the WD-40 product lines.

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