Perfect Category

Establish your brand as a true leader in the category and differentiate yourself from the competition

The best solution for your business is the one that encompasses all of the strategies needed to make your brand successful. To know your retailer is to understand their needs, their expectations, their goals and objectives. How better then to be able to quickly and easily align your processes with theirs to maximize each and every opportunity that presents itself. Just imagine, better consumer alignment, increased brand equity, fewer missed opportunities and increased efficiency and flexibility. What better way to establish yourself as a true and trusted partner and potentially the category captain.

Perfect Category from Dassault Systèmes allows you to virtually build and evaluate more category options with a wider demographic in less time and at a lower cost. Virtual building and evaluation allows you to understand and align shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors and purchase practices in a lifelike simulation without the complexity and cost of having to build physical display environments. With quicker testing of more category options, you’ll gain the insights and validation you’ll need to imagine and define a product, category or shelf-space strategy.