Perfect Planogram

Cost effective design, merchandising compliance and stronger brand experience

Building all the planograms that will fit all the different store layouts, category sizes and shelving options a retailer may have AND take key business performance data into account can be a daunting task.

Perfect Planogram from Dassault Systèmes enables category managers to easily use intuitive and efficient ‘drag & drop’ capabilities with direct access to business KPI metrics, to deliver all the planograms needed to increase market share for the brand and revenue for the retailer.

Within Perfect Planogram, you can efficiently create 3D shelves, fixtures and merchandising elements that accurately reflect the retailer’s standards and equity. Using rules-driven automations, you can increase productivity by creating multiple planograms efficiently and effectively. Create stunning visual merchandising plans which follow consumer decision trees and are optimized for each store or cluster within the retailer.

With Perfect Planogram virtual 3D merchandising is becoming the new standard.