Perfect Retailer Collaboration

Category leadership, team on-boarding

When it comes time for annual or seasonal line reviews, the retailer will generally invite the CPG band manufacturers to share their category and brand growth strategies, present their new products/ideas and discuss promotional plans. In strategy sessions like these, 3D virtual reality can be a game changer.

With the Perfect Retailer Collaboration component of Perfect Shelf, the CPG brand manufacturer can engage the retailer with new ideas, concepts and alternative scenarios in a lifelike 3D virtual environment that mimics the retailer’s actual store(s). By looking at business metrics in the context of a virtual 3D planogram, the manufacturer can create a vision for the category, review consumer insights, illustrate a new strategy and deliver merchandising options that can help support important goals: category growth, brand growth, and category captaincy.

Perfect Retailer Collaboration is a platform for showing and sharing ideas, investigating future possibilities and inspiring point of sales shopping experiences. It enables retailers and brand manufacturers to take their collaboration to another level and make business decisions in a couple of hours instead of weeks.