Perfect Shopper Insights

More insights, quicker, cheaper

Every year, retailers and CPG brand manufacturers are investing huge amounts of time and money on research: trends, shopper behavior and insights, new product introductions, and packaging initiatives. Understanding consumer needs and behaviors is critical to making the right decisions for the brand and store. This discovery phase can be a lengthy proposition as it involves market research studies, social listening, connecting with panels and professionals, brand image analysis, etc.

Perfect Shopper Insights from Dassault Systèmes allows you to virtually test with a wide demographic in less time and at a lower cost. Virtual testing allows you to understand shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors and purchase practices in a lifelike simulation without the complexity and cost of having to build physical testing environments. With quicker testing of more options, you’ll gain the insights and validation you’ll need to imagine and define a product, category or shelf-space strategy.