Perfect Store Collaboration

Precision retailing & productivity

Fixtures, shelving, POS materials and category dimensions can vary between store clusters and even between stores within the same cluster. Retailers must frequently deploy and adjust the shelf space strategy and/or recommendations to local stores. This activity focuses on adjusting allocated space for the category to the store size and format, changing shelves and fixtures to adapt to and align with the local assortment.

Perfect Store Collaboration from Dassault Systèmes allows you to ‘think globally, act locally’ by using rules-driven automations to efficiently produce multiple planogram scenarios which remain compliant with the consumer decision tree and deliver on expected overall business performance. With the easier creation of planograms aligned with cluster or specific stores, time can be freed up for other business-building pursuits.

With the investments in new products, packaging and signage initiatives, utilize Perfect Shelf to design planograms to optimize in-store compliance so the right products are in the right positions in planogram after planogram and store after store.