Perfect Value Chain

Continuous supply chain planning optimization for a 100% fit

available on premise

Each and every day, CPG brand manufacturers, packaging suppliers and retailers are expected to solve complex operations puzzles. These puzzles involve building the most accurate forecast and determining the operations plan that best coordinates all the various manufacturing, logistics and workforce resources. But individual companies have their own sets of processes, assets, equipment and resource constraints which makes them unique….and their operations planning puzzle are too. The only true solution is one that is tailored to the needs of your enterprise, and that’s what makes the Dassault Systèmes approach so special. Our engineers built a platform to fit any conceivable business model. With Perfect Value Chain we’re able to offer a 100% fit to every customer and solve your unique operations planning puzzle.

Benefits of Perfect Value Chain

  • Increase efficiency between 5-20%

    Perfect Value Chain can increase efficiency so you can easily achieve ROI within just six months and see a 5% improvement in operations.

  • Maintain planning agility

    Scenario planning can help maintain planning agility by exploring what-if scenarios to prepare for any eventuality.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Experience a sales & operations planning (S&OP) process that will improve performance and increase customer satisfaction through forecasting accuracy and responsiveness.

  • Maximize profitability

    Revenue management tools help maximize profitability by selling the right product to the right customer at the right time and at the right price.

  • Drive simplicity with one application

    Perfect Value Chain eliminates point planning solutions with a single platform and maintains a '100% fit' plan which supports your unique S&OP process.

Perfect Value Chain

It's common for companies to use multiple point legacy systems for managing forecasting, production, logistics and workforce planning needs. Perfect Value Chain eliminates point solutions with a single platform and maintains a ‘100% fit’ plan which supports your unique processes.

Success story

SIG Combibloc Customer Story

SIG has been able to reduce its planning time by more than half. At the same time, it has improved capacity utilization, enabling it to keep up with customer demand – which has increased dramatically due to SIG’s growth.

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