Perfect Delivery

Optimize your logistical operations

The business of getting goods from point A to point B within budget and on time involves a staggering level of complexity: juggling numerous depots, vehicles, and customers with unique constraints. Yet, the demand for superior customer service remains the same in good times and bad.

Increase your operational efficiency and resource utilization, reduce costs, and differentiate your services with superior delivery performance with Perfect Delivery record-breaking logistics planning software. In fact, the whole Perfect Value Chain solution software holds 110 world records for flexible job shop scheduling.

Perfect Delivery also has a vision for same day delivery. The strategy is to forecast orders based on historical patterns and then optimize delivery for the forecasted orders. Real orders then replace forecasted orders and provide customer suggestions for delivery times and delivery cost. This continuous optimization enables demand shaping and higher service levels extending to discounted/free delivery incentives to customers who order early or accept suggested delivery windows.