Perfect Sales and Operational Planning

Maximize resource utilization by matching capacity with accurate forecasting

Overcoming the uncertainty of demand remains the top priority of today’s supply chain leaders. Companies usually have their own unique blend of some or all of the following inputs: customer forecast, sales forecast, marketing plans, crowd forecasting, and statistical forecast.

Perfect Sales and Operational Planning utilizes a single platform from which you can run your entire planning process, including planning product launches, tracking demand plan fluctuations,and identifying collaborators’ contributions to the process. With Perfect Sales and Operational Planning, you’ll be best placed to anticipate demand through improved statistical forecasting, and collaborate more effectively with  internal sales teams and external customers.

After your forecast is ready for the supply review process, you begin applying constraints: inventory, materials, manufacturing capacity, and people. Planners from both Supply and Demand can work together, creating and comparing demand and supply scenarios – to close any gaps, maximize efficiency and cash in on additional sales opportunities.