Value Chain Agility

Consumer are dictating how and when they receive products forcing companies to use agile new models for product delivery

Three factors that determine supply chain agility

Reinvent the supply chain to accelerate

The success of online product ordering and receiving has raised consumer expectations of how they receive products. As a result, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers need to rethink how they deliver products. There are various models that can be implemented and consumers will choose their own path (i.e. 'order online, pick up in store', 'order online, ship to home', 'provide list, stores pick product').

By utilizing predictive demand and optimizing delivery models, manufacturers and retailers can plan for every scenario in order to have the right amount of product, in the right place, at the right time.

Flexible and efficient supply chains can deliver new value:

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Provide enough flexibility in your demand models to prepare for any scenario.
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Coordinate your production and delivery in the most efficient manner possible.
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Deliver in the manner the consumer wants to receive their products.

Consumers are demanding personalization

A flexible and efficient supply chain can provide CPG manufacturers and retailers with the capability to deliver products when and how the consumer wants to receive them.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is the only solution providing a single environment where manufacturers can work more closely with customers and develop customized solutions at unprecedented speed with maximum efficiency and cost savings. Enhanced multi-site collaboration allows the management and coordination of facility capacity, operations, inventory, and delivery resources in a way that’s profitable and efficient.

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Success story

Finding a flexible planning solution

SIG Combibloc, a leading provider of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food, sought to maximize capacity utilization, reduce bottlenecks, streamline its supply chain and improve cooperation between SIG’s multiple manufacturing facilities.

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Now, in combination with SAP, what used to take one complete day takes about an hour.

Carmen Zech
Head of Global Resource Management, SIG Combibloc

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