1. Capital Facilities Information Excellence

Capital Facilities Information Excellence

Share trusted knowledge for effective decisions

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To run on time and on budget, Energy & Materials industry projects must anticipate, understand, and mitigate the consequences of inevitable changes throughout its lifecycle. Having a reliable status of ongoing processes is therefore essential to support stakeholders’ activities across diverse disciplines in the extended enterprise ecosystem.

Capital Facilities Information Excellence provides a single source of trust for every stage of the plant lifecycle, from early design and engineering, to construction, operation and decommissioning. Knowledge is accessible to enable business processes control, project governance and to drive continuous improvement in execution from information structuring to activity data monitoring, and from requirements traceability to intellectual property classification.  

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Benefits of Capital Facilities Information Excellence

  • Reduce schedule deviations and mitigate cost overruns

    Detect risks by making information readily available to stakeholders through real-time reports and dashboards that provide better visibility during project execution.

  • Improve daily productivity and increase knowledge reuse

    Create a single source of trusted information from multiple disciplines that is up to date and able to be capitalized for future reference. Dassault Systèmes’ customers have reported productivity increases of 6% in a large capital project.

  • Facilitate compliance and streamline handover processes

    Save effort in expensive corrections and time-consuming reviews and validation activities by securing contractual and regulatory obligations early on and maintaining a clear record for audits and future projects.