Plant Commissioning

Perform digital inspection test management and monitoring for flawless startup

Plant Commissioning gives you the ability to plan construction activities virtually based on 3D plant models and construction best practices. It also incorporates reliable simulation to provide backup plans when deviations occur. With this fast track project environment, you reduce costs, meet project schedules, and maximize the effectiveness of all resources.

Plan logical, feasible and optimized commissioning:

  • Sequence commissioning work packages in a logical manner for smooth startup.
  • Estimate realistic task duration based to ensure plans are feasible.
  • Set the right priorities by managing dependencies between construction and commissioning work packages.


Avoid delays in commissioning and startup:

  • Track and ensure prerequisite punch items are closed before commissioning, startup and hand-over.
  • Monitor commissioning work package status in real-time based on Inspection Test Reports to identify issues earlier and implement resolutions.
  • Be accountable for the readiness and status of commissioning:
  • Provide access to proof of readiness or status of commissioning with ease as commissioning progress is reported together with associated Inspection Test Reports