Plant Construction Planning

Perform multidimensional construction modeling and planning to optimize construction schedules

Plant Construction Planning enables feasible, optimized, and safe construction. With it: planners define 3D work packages/estimate work volume; plan and visualize construction processes and sequences; employ simulation to ensure safety; and, optimize their plans through what-if scenarios. To ensure alignment, plans are shareable with all project stakeholders who have visibility of the project appropriate to their role and organization.

  • Assembly sequences are developed in a virtual environment in the first step towards first-time-right construction.
  • Work instructions, for both humans and construction equipment, can be planned and tested before release to the field team.
  • Animated step-by-step construction sequences give workers clear instructions about the tasks they need to complete, minimizing mistakes and improving safety.
  • Allocation and procurement of materials is linked to the real-time status of the project, allowing the volume of work to be estimated and potential conflict areas to be resolved.