Multidisciplinary Design Review

Access a unique digital mockup to make in-context right decisions and follow-up

available on cloud available on premise

Multidisciplinary Design Review provides capabilities to enable real-time collaborative review of designs. This Industry Process Experience gives stakeholders access to a unique digital mockup of the design so they can make accurate decisions based on contextualized information. It provides a formal process to register and manage issues, supporting consistent follow-up on decisions.

Up-to-date, unified engineering information enhances the efficiency of design reviews and the accuracy of decisions. Multidisciplinary Design Review enables all users to collaborate on 3D digital mockups, update status, follow up on issues and share ideas. 3D designs can be reviewed in real time, anywhere, on any device, including visually checking and assessing product clashes, contacts and clearances. Annotating the digital mockup enables reviewers to explain any concerns. They can also use a range of slides, 3D markers, measures and dynamic sectioning capabilities to highlight and clarify any critical issues for investigation.