Multidisciplinary Design Review

Generate a fully integrated and multi-source digital mockup to make in-context decisions

Multidisciplinary Design Review provides the ability to reconcile 1D/2D/3D data from external legacy tools to provide a complete and accurate real-time view of entire projects. This robust view helps eliminate project and business silos to support operations ready plant design and construction.

Based on the ISO15926 standard, Multidisciplinary Design Review offers integration and interoperability capabilities to gather designs from different sources and build a comprehensive virtual plant model. These capabilities significantly alleviate the costs of the capital facilities information handover between engineering, construction, and operations phases. They also support thorough design validation, including clash analysis and safety distance protocols, thus eliminating the potential causes of costly errors.

Multidisciplinary Design Review’s virtual plant is essential for full life cycle management, including: construction simulation to reduce change-induced delays; maintenance optimization to minimize downtime and QHSE related incidents; and, eventual decommissioning planning.