Virtual Control Systems Commissioning

Validate the control in early phase integrating systems behavior, to improve quality and reduce costs

available on cloud available on premise

Virtual Control Systems Commissioning enables energy and materials companies to test and validate the behavior of equipment and control systems before they are commissioned. This Industry Process Experience allows the creation of a virtual system experience that can be used to demonstrate compliance and test specifications. Doing this in the virtual world reduces the number of test iterations needed and cuts the time and cost associated with physical testing, generating documentation and code.

Combining a model-based design approach with simulation capabilities allows users to test procedures, and to assess the behavior of control systems early in the development phase. Systems can be tested automatically or through manual interaction with the models using a 2D interface, including co-simulating with physical systems. By training maintenance operators on the virtual system before it is commissioned, companies can maximize operational efficiency and minimize downtime once the plant is up and running.