1. Increasing Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations

Increasing Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations

Facilitate compliance by efficiently managing regulations, contracts, and requirements

Successful Handover of Capital Projects

IDC analyzes what best practices are already used by some companies in the oil & gas industry. However these practices can also be applied in other energy and materials industries.

Provide a comprehensive real-time view of assets

Companies that engineer, build, or operate capital facilities and resource extraction sites need to ensure compliance with stringent and continuously evolving regulations and requirements. Failure to do so exposes them to project delays that are often subjected to penalties. Since companies are more accountable than ever before, they need to provide every project stakeholder with easy access to information so that they may validate their compliance throughout an asset's lifecycle. To enable stakeholder buy-in and approval of projects, they also require increasingly sophisticated ways to engage and communicate their benefits and impacts on the environment throughout a project’s lifecycle.   

Share the right information with your ecosystem to:

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Respond quickly and accurately to certification agencies.
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Detect non-compliance and make corrections early.
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Reduce late reworks that can affect profitability and asset performance.

An integrated platform facilitates HSE management and compliance

Due to changing market and environmental conditions, mine sites, oil fields, and plants must abide by increasingly stringent norms and regulations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows companies to embed regulations and requirements at the early stages of a project, and to seamlessly manage this information across the facility's lifecycle. As a result, engineering cycle time is reduced since compliance is verified as projects progress. Moreover, the risk of late or non-detection of errors is mitigated.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, simulation of alternative options can lead to more environmentally friendly designs and routings that result in greater fuel efficiency through more efficient utilization of equipment. Customers also gain sophisticated visualization capabilities to engage with members of the communities they will be operating in, including government officials and citizens, to win project approval.

Success story

Transforming conformity assessment with 3DEXPERIENCE

Bureau Veritas uses Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform to implement digital continuity from initial specifications to transport, installation and operation of pressure equipment in a nuclear facility. A single integrated platform of product information enables stakeholders to access and act on the latest version of product data, thereby accelerating certification cycle times and traceability.

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With this platform, we bring a new service to the nuclear field. Beyond the digital tool, it is a collaborative platform, which allows everyone to work in real time and share information.

Jean-Pierre Durand
Director, Technical Development and Digital Innovation, Bureau Veritas

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