Integrated Mine Planning

Efficiently define your reserves and deliver integrated plans

In today’s mining industry, you need to get the operating model right to hold the line on costs and increase productivity if you are to be confident that your return on investment objectives will be met. But getting there requires that the planning process become more accurate, more economically aware and more agile. Thanks Integrated Mine Planning, it can.

Integrated Mine Planning is a solution for geological data discovery, reserves definition, mine engineering and scheduling of mining activities. With it, you gain the ability to iteratively produce up-to-date resource models and executable plans and schedules to deliver higher predictability and peak financial performance. Integrated Mine Planning enables you to realize expected return on investment, keep production on track and reduce risk and uncertainty.

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Benefits of Integrated Mine Planning

  • Optimize economic return

    Go beyond standard optimization capabilities to deliver more robust plans by linking strategic mine plans with the real-world production plans.

  • Plan across multiple time horizons

    Schedule production plans for earth moving and extraction over all time horizons: years, months and days.

  • Withstand market volatility

    Run risk analysis and what-if scenarios throughout the entire planning process to understand impacts of possible changes in demand and commodity prices.

  • Keep geological models and plans up to date

    Apply timely updates to production schedules based on updated geological models, production issues and demand.

Integrated Mine Planning

Maximize economic return by putting the right plans in place for your business - from short term to the long term.

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