1. Managing Complexity & Risk

Managing Complexity & Risk

Improve construction and operations agility and deliver on time and on budget

Reduce project risk at every turn

Manage complexity with full transparency and real-time connectivity

Increase productivity and reduce costs

Capital projects are not only complex to operate, they are complex to build and refurbish as well. Risks that include adverse weather conditions, changing requirements, and funding difficulties create additional information that must be sorted, understood and acted upon. Accessing the right information at the right time improves decision-making that leads to timely completion and startup.

Streamline access to information:

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Remove silos that isolate project teams.
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Make fast and accurate decisions.
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Respond faster to engineering changes.
How agility and technology can help program managers achieve more in less time

Single data source brings unity and consistency

Surveyed Energy and Materials leaders confirm that more than 35% of capital projects exceed scheduling and cost objectives by more than 10%. One reason is an inefficient construction phase caused by globally-dispersed disciplines operating in silos and working with the wrong information.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform represents and manages the complexity of a plant, and field operations, and delivers consistent information to construction and operational teams, thereby improving their efficiency as well as the speed and quality of their decisions.

Success story

Challenging Complexity with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Assystem uses Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve its competitiveness while strengthening safety requirements through digitalization.

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The implementation of 3DEXPERIENCE is a key change for Assystem. Simplistically, digitalization will allow us to deal with much more complex tasks than previously. It will allow digital management of requirements information, design information, calculations, analyses, safety cases, and we'll pool that complexity together in a platform like 3DEXPERIENCE in a much more integrated way.

John Clark
Chief Technical Officer, Assystem UK

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