Mining software solutions to improve global business performance

In addition to supporting actors in both the Mining and Metals and Minerals industry segments, Dassault Systèmes solutions link both together to encompass the full value stream  - from extraction to final product and delivery.

Gaining Visibility and Control Over Mining Operations

Sustain profitability by becoming more agile.


Declining Resource Quality

With high grade deposits disappearing and geographically easier deposits becoming increasingly tapped out, mining companies are being pushed into more remote locations outside of friendly political climates and deeper beneath the surface. This means that mining and processing must become more efficient. It also requires that as the supply chain is becoming more complex, truck, rail and port facilities all have a role to play in being made more productive.


Increased Safety, Social and Geopolitical Pressures

Mining industry stakeholders and investors are requiring more insight into projects, especially as companies are operating in more remote and more politically unstable locations. Governments and local communities want to ensure promised benefits are realized, environmental impacts managed and safe operating conditions maintained. Mining companies are therefore seeking to improve transparency in reporting and monitoring of their operations and how they engage with their stakeholders.


Elevated Input Costs

Driven by lower commodity prices and variable demand, profit margins have become tighter due to declining productivity. Mining companies must change the way they operate to become lower cost, much more effective producers.