Operations Excellence

Solving planning puzzles to optimize operations for better performance and higher profitability

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In a global economy of fraught with increasing competition, variable demand and rising costs, to realize higher profitability, Energy & Materials producers of oil & gas, metals, minerals, and chemicals must optimize their operations to achieve better performance while at the same time ensuring customer satisfaction. This requires that they solve complex planning puzzles to ensure they can deliver what they promise while minimizing the cost of goods sold.

Operations Excellence bridges the gap between Sales and Operations. It is a fully integrated solution to optimize raw materials procurement, transportation, inventory, product dispatching, production scheduling and execution. With it, producers gain advanced modeling and proven solver capabilities to simulate “what-if” scenario for optimal decision-making.

Using the solution, producers determine the best strategy to maximize revenue, customer satisfaction and minimize cost. Ultimately, they gain agility to respond faster to changing demands, catch new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. With Operations Excellence advanced forecasting and planning techniques, what, when, and where to produce is optimized, along with production scheduling and transportation planning from supply to production.

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Benefits of Operations Excellence

  • Follow your strategy while handling exceptions

    Enable your sales team to make delivery quotes with confidence. Be fully prepared weeks and months ahead by adding additional levels of detail to decisions made during long term-planning. Then, re-optimize schedules on the go as unexpected events and disruptions occur.

  • Make accurate predictions of supply, demand and cost

    Collaborate and share information in real-time with all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain and then analyze the inputs and impacts on your organization to create more reliable forecasts and demand plans.

  • Maximize your profitability

    Combine historical data with predictions of customer behavior and market trends to prescribe optimal prices for new and existing products and services. By selling the right product at the right price the right customers, your costs of goods sold and bottom line is improved.

  • Be ready to support any unexpected changes

    Employ scenario planning as part of your long-term planning process and gain a ready-made plan of action when the unexpected strikes. At any stage during the planning process, up to and including the day of operations, ask what-if questions to test the quality of planning decisions.

  • Increase your responsiveness while minimizing the impact on operations

    Determine the optimum contingency level you need to support unexpected situations without reducing overall effectiveness and to accommodate last-minute orders and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Be always prepared to any eventuality

    Create multiple demand scenarios to manage opportunities and risks. Learn from past situations by analyzing historical data to understand how events impact plans and make projections into the future by anticipating and being prepared for different cases that may happen.

Adopt the Power of Operations Excellence

Innovate by providing an integrated digital experience that facilitates the way your Energy & Materials project is engineered, constructed, operated and decommissioned.