Configuration & Conformance

Manage continuity and conformity between requirements, design, construction and operations information over the entire plant lifecycle

Configuration & Conformance provides a single versatile and reliable facility information referential. It organizes information in a way that makes sense to each discipline and in relation to the system or plant item it is associated with, providing complete end-to-end traceability and robust control of facility-related data (documents, drawings, supplier information, materials, pricing, location...). In particular, facility information can be organized following the appropriate geographical or functional breakdown structures and be easily found using tag identification or classification.

Configuration & Conformance facilitates audits and certification activities over the facility’s lifecycle as requirements and regulations are linked to facility information. Thanks to efficient execution of development processes, including a unified change management process, companies achieve seamless project governance, fulfill system requirements and help ensure facilities comply with industry regulations.

Included in Capital Facilities Information Excellence

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