Construction Planning

Perform multidimensional construction modeling & planning to optimize construction schedule

Enabling construction planners to develop assembly sequences in a virtual environment is the first step towards first-time-right construction. Using 3D modeling and 4D virtual assembly technologies, equipment and tooling are modeled to create a true representation of the working environment. Work instructions, for both humans and construction equipment, can be planned and tested before release to the construction team in the field.

Animated step-by-step construction sequences give workers clear instructions about the tasks they need to complete, helping to minimize mistakes and improve worker safety. Construction Planning ensures that all stakeholders have visibility of the project appropriate to their role and organization.

Allocation and procurement of materials are linked to the real-time status of the project, The volume of work can be estimated and potential conflict areas can be resolved, maintaining construction on schedule and on budget. Hired machinery, materials and laborers are scheduled only when they are needed, saving additional time and resources.

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