Decommissioning Excellence

Ensure safety and preserve the environment

available on premise

Nuclear plant decommissioning faces increased public and regulatory scrutiny as many reactors, built decades ago, reach their end of life. Owner/operators decommissioning their facilities are under pressure to anticipate personnel radiation exposure, even though design and operation data can be incomplete and inaccurate. At the same time, they must warrant first-time-right deconstruction plans and execution, while ensuring radioactive material inventory accuracy for disposal optimization.

Decommissioning Excellence provides owner/operators with a unified environment in which all assets and waste inventories can be recorded and managed. Visualizing and simulating decommissioning operations in a virtual environment promotes greater field worker safety, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Benefits of Decommissioning Excellence

  • Ensure field worker safety

    Through digital simulation, workers can train and optimize the decommissioning process saving up to 2,000 hours of training per month while improving their health and safety.

  • Minimize environmental impact

    Deliver a digital mockup of radioactive waste inventory that leads to more reliable disposal and storage and reducing the risk of radiation exposure. By integrating the 3D model with engineering and radiation data and documents, knowledge is aggregated throughout the decommissioning process.

  • Acquire public acceptance

    Manage the waste production lifecycle, from plan to disposal, improve traceability, accountability and provide real-time control across the radioactive waste cycle. Hazardous material clearance is planned, mitigating unscheduled or last-minute work at the site, which helps keep schedules on track.

  • Minimize decommissioning costs

    Decommissioning Excellence provides owner/operators with a unified environment to plan and execute on a 3D virtual plant model the decommissioning process from identification, zoning, decontamination, cleanup, dismantling, treatment and temporary storage through to evacuation. They can perform worker feasibility and ergonomic simulations before selecting the best approach.

  • Maximize knowledge reuse

    Record past project experiences to reduce execution time on future decommissioning programs. Best practices are capitalized to improve future efficiencies and ensure use of company-sponsored procedures.

Adopt the Power of Decommissioning Excellence

Innovate by providing an integrated digital experience that facilitates the way your Energy & Materials project is engineered, constructed, operated and decommissioned.