Engineering Excellence

Achieve zero defect engineering

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Capital facilities engineering in the Energy, Process & Utilities industry involves many stakeholders from various disciplines often working in silos with heterogeneous tools. This leads to a lack of consistency and efficiency throughout the projects and assets lifecyle putting the profitability at risk.

Engineering Excellence provides Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies and owner/operators with a unified environment to efficiently achieve 'zero-defect' engineering that supports design and construction of new capital facilities, as well as modernization and life extension of existing ones.

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Benefits of Engineering Excellence

  • Enhance output quality

    Manage concurrently 2D and 3D designs for all disciplines, with embedded requirement and change management, providing full visibility of the facility's development. Companies have reported spending 30% less time controlling the quality of each engineering deliverable.

  • Increase knowledge reuse

    Promote efficient management of an entire facility's functional breakdown using a model-based approach to systems engineering on a single platform. Complex systems can be rapidly deconstructed into well-defined and fully traceable packages, thus capturing best practices for future reuse.

  • Streamline handover process

    Eliminate silos and disparate tools that can drive up costs. Through digital continuity, companies accomplish a seamless transition between all phases of the facility lifecycle, avoiding errors in complex handovers. Reports of a 60% reduction in field design error discoveries were reported.

  • Avoid engineering design rework

    Model the complex real-world behavior of structures, flow systems and equipment through integrated simulation. Support the simulation of complex scenarios for rigorous virtual testing of all construction, operations and maintenance activities, leading to earlier convergence in the design process. Companies reported 25% less drawing revisions.

Adopt the Power of Excellence Engineering

Innovate by providing an integrated digital experience that facilitates the way your Energy & Materials project is engineered, constructed, operated and decommissioned.