1. Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Sustain innovation, projects and operations performance

Keys to Capital Project Success for EPCs and Owner-Operators

How an integrated information platform can improve results and reduce risks on large-scale projects

Business challenge

Deliver Construction-Ready and Operations-Driven Projects

Delivering quality projects helps ensure efficient construction and profitable production. High-risk and high-cost projects, require excellence to avoid plant failures that can have dire consequences for humanity, the environment and the future of the responsible companies.

We chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform because it provides robust lifecycle and change management capabilities, something which our previous solution did not have and which is key to tracking the evolution of an entire construction project.

President of ASE Group of Companies

Diversify Business Portfolio to Leap-Frog in the Market

Fast-moving markets require that Oil & Gas companies adapt or face a competitive disadvantage. Increasing their footprint in new markets means innovating and diversifying with new products and services that meet regional and local requirements.


Standardize Business Processes

Through standardization, by way of repeatable processes and part reuse, Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies can reduce cycle time, thereby mitigating their project management, design and construction costs as well as their risks.