Facility Exploration

Connect the digital mockup with real-time field data for better decision-making

Asset digitization is at the core of Facility Exploration through a 3D Virtual Plant Model that includes operational live data from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data sources.

Facility Exploration is enabling business Users to navigate in space and time through the virtual environment that is reflecting the real installation. This Virtual Plant Model named as 3DEXPERIENCE TWIN is the backbone of Operations Excellence allowing to decline Facility Exploration experiences such as virtual plant tours, pre-job briefing, virtual inspections.

Facility Exploration is an enabler for additional activities such as preparing work instructions for Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul or being capable simulating operating procedures and generating work instructions.

Facility Exploration is the 3D environment in which Stakeholders can rehearse work instructions on the virtual plant model for a better understanding of the operating conditions. By executing the operating procedures in a virtual environment that is mirroring the real conditions, potential problems can be detected, clashes can be remedied and work instructions can be tuned accordingly.

Included in Operations Excellence

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