Operations Planning

Prepare and rehearse missions in a virtual environment to maximize workers safety and efficiency

Operations Planning delivers powerful functions allowing to solve complex scheduling execution of field activities by taking into consideration various factors and constraints. Through the simulation and the comparison of different alternatives, it is possible for stakeholders to determine the best strategy to adopt for sequencing the activities of multiple work orders depending on the various criteria to optimize

The entire step-by-step work order is linked to resources, training, tools, permits, assets and standard operating procedures providing workers with all they need to get the task completed on time, thereby reducing operational downtime. Representing scheduled activities in space and time on the 3D Virtual Plant Model allows to highlight the areas and locations where activities will happen.

Representing planned co-activities in space and time ensure a better Environment Health & Safety working condition. Some companies have reported that using a Virtual Plant Model helped them better plan all the activities performed during plant outage, reducing by 1 to 2 days the overall shutdown period.

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