Perfect Initiative

Manage formula development projects to eliminate product delay

Delivering new product on time or faster to the market is a race that only the best agile and collaborative organizations can win. Very often, marketing, R&D, legal, regulatory, purchasing and manufacturing teams work through iteration loop processes and do not share the same level of product information. Work is redone due to lack of knowledge sharing; unnecessary checking processes are put in place to make sure people are talking about the same thing. These are some of the difficulties that cause product launch delays or failure.

Perfect Initiative delivers advanced resource planning, flexibility and templates enabling specialty chemicals or lubricant manufacturers to easily automate resource planning activities and institutionalize best practices for various formula project types.

Perfect Initiative’s collaborative project management capabilities dramatically increase the productivity of globally distributed players in the creation of a new formula, by executing projects and programs with real-time information that updates automatically through direct links to tasks, regulatory documents, product deliverables and marketing specifications.

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