Perfect Production

Accelerate Visibility to Manufacturing Intelligence

Growing SKU counts, short innovation cycles and increasing regulatory pressures are the new normal. In this environment, the need has never been higher for manufacturing operations to deliver on time, on budget and with consistent quality.

Perfect Production provides global manufacturers of specialty chemicals and lubricants the visibility, control and synchronization across manufacturing operations. Manufacturers are facing stiff competition and evolving regulations require a robust and seamless infrastructure for capturing genealogy and traceability data from across their operations. When these challenges are met the result is a leaner, faster and continuously improving enterprise that drives more value than ever before.

Benefits of Perfect Production

  • Accelerate new product introductions by up to 20%

    Coordinate and manage the exchange of electronic documents for new product introductions across a dynamic operation involving multiple production plants.

  • Lower cost of goods sold by up to 27%

    Matching product volume and mix with actual manufacturing capacity helps drive increased asset performance and utilization and helps lower inventory levels and costs.

  • Lower the cost of maintaining quality

    Adopt best practice processes to ensure the quality and consistency of the consumer experience regardless of the origin of the plant or geography.

  • Establish a global approach to traceability and containment

    Rapid containment of raw materials, components, WIP and final products across the entire production supply chain.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs and increase throughput

    Perfect Production is highly versatile and supports multiple material replenishment models and inventory management techniques to eliminate obsolete inventory.

Adopt the Power of Perfect Production

Perfect Production provides visibility into, control over, and synchronization across manufacturing operations, resulting in a leaner, faster, and continuously improving enterprise that drives more value than ever before.