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Sustain innovation, projects and operations performance

Keys to Capital Project Success for EPCs and Owner-Operators

How an integrated information platform can improve results and reduce risks on large-scale projects

Business Challenge

Optimize Resources to Maximize Business Leadership

Workforce turnover in the Power & Utilities industry is creating a gap in terms of skills and know-how. Retiring experienced field workers along with increasing levels of automation are draining companies of employees capable of addressing any situation. Knowledge management, training and coaching are becoming strategic actvities to do more with less.

Business challenge

Improve Reliability and Availability of Assets

Power & Utilities companies have the mandate to sustainably match output with demand at all times. Meanwhile, they are required to maintain this reliability and availability of assets in an increasingly competitive landscape and in a world where power disruption is not allowed under any conditions.

As part of our vision to be an international leader in our field, the unified management of project documentation, schedules and reporting for large projects will bring us a competitive advantage.

Jan Krška
CSO, member of the Board of Directors, I&C Energo
Business Challenge

Reinforce Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy to Reduce Business Risks

Worker and asset infrastructure safety in the Power & Utilities segment is the number one priority. Leveraging digital technologies to predict incidents before they occur can help avoid risks and outages that can have a high human impact and cost millions.

Business Challenge

Reduce Asset-Related Cost Centers With Virtual Simulation

Competitiveness in the Power & Utilities industry is an impediment to growth. The age of underused assets and project cost overruns is over. Companies need more than ever efficient management of their assets whether it is a capital project delivery maintenance plan optimization or production upswing, and target on-quality, on-budget and on-time delivery of capital projects.