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The New Consumer

Consumer behavior and preferences are shifting faster than ever and companies must react more quickly to deliver meaningful innovation on shorter timelines

Accelerate Your Growth in the Experience Economy

Manage data digitally to reduce time to market and deliver innovation that will resonate with consumers

Exceed consumer expectations

In a competitive marketplace, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers must create differentiated product experiences. The goal is to capture insights from consumers and translate those into brand innovation and retail experiences that will result in higher satisfaction and loyalty. By keeping consumers at the heart of innovation and responding to marketing trends with speed, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers can create the products and merchandising strategies that will consitently win consumers' hearts and minds.

Approach innovation from a consumer perspective:

Picto > Win Heart > Dassault Systèmes® Move beyond simply selling products to providing compelling brand experiences. Picto > Two Curves Diagram > Dassault Systèmes® Drive differentiation by incorporating consumer insights and trends.
Picto > Transparency > Dassault Systèmes® Provide the product and company transparency that consumers are seeking.    

A faster path to growth in the experience economy

With access to social networks, product reviews, and company information, consumer preferences are changing faster than ever. Only by improving internal collaboration can companies drive the timely innovation that can deliver on what consumers are looking for.  

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables CPG brand manufacturers and retailers to go from concept to consumer in one virtual environment. This integrated digital experience removes the internal silos that can slow down innovation while simulating a consumer perspective throughout the design and delivery process.

Success story

Moving from insights to in-market

Global packaging supplier, WestRock, implemented the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to reduce packaging development time from 18 to just 6 months.


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What’s different about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is that the design and production tools are all integrated. That’s particularly important to WestRock because we design and manufacture packages all over the world – from China to Japan, Australia, Europe and the Americas. The collaborative nature of Dassault Systèmes’ solutions was critical for us.

Bill Cecil
Vice President of Machinery and Automation, WestRock

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