1. High Impact Marketing

High Impact Marketing

Create engaging buying experiences and boost marketing effectiveness by leveraging engineering data

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Sales and marketing organizations of High-Tech companies are facing increasing global demand and channel complexities. This raises the bar for optimizing product launches to meet sales, time, cost and branding targets.

High Impact Marketing provides the capability to create 3D digital visuals for effective multi-channel storytelling, even before the product exists. From open ideas gathering to formal visuals' sign off: High Impact Marketing covers the entire process to create engaging launch and shopping experiences on time and on budget. 

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Benefits of High Impact Marketing

  • Advance the creation of marketing visuals 

    ... by efficiently leveraging design and engineering models.

  • Increase sales channels productivity 

    ... by using digital assets instead of physical prototypes

  • Open the creative perimeter

    ... with social collaboration and real-time tracking of market trends

  • Increase marketing impact 

    ... with dynamic, interactive visuals and immersive launch experiences

  • Improve marketing efficiency 

    ... through integrated project management, analysis and reporting

Deliver the perfect product launch with High Impact Marketing

High Impact Marketing boosts the efficiency in creating the most effective marketing visuals and assets to deliver breakthrough product launch and POS experiences.