1. Highly Adaptive Software

Highly Adaptive Software

Empower the continuous improvement of the software-driven user experience

available on premise

Software makes products smart, innovative and compelling for users, but the increase in software content and frequency puts enormous complexity and governance pressures on development organizations.

Highly Adaptive Software allows companies to master the complexity of mixed software and hardware modular products and to be faster in providing adaptable products through software innovation.

The solution provides full-scale software lifecycle management with modular software product management to maximize reuse of software assets and software traceability, from requirements to tests to monitoring software development status.

Benefits of Highly Adaptive Software

  • Reduce development cost

    ... with configurable and reusable software modules that can be recomposed and configured to the hardware and to customer’s specific needs.

  • Streamline product innovation

    ... with one single, open platform that ensures all users have access to the latest relevant information and understand the impact of their contribution.

  • Foster innovation agility and relevance

    ... with "invisible governance" enabling flexible (agile and creative) and business (cost, time, quality) related processes

Empower the continuous improvement of the software driven user experience

Highly Adaptive Software enables mastering the complexity of mixed software & hardware modular products and accelerating the creation of adaptable products though software innovation.