1. Highly Flexible Manufacturing

Highly Flexible Manufacturing

Transform your production and supply chain to gain flexibility, efficiency and speed

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is changing industrial processes, and the daily life of the people involved. IIOT accelerates making informed business decisions by leveraging planning, manufacturing and distribution information with much higher degrees of intelligence, automation and precision. The High-Tech industry, being global by default and facing increasing demand variability and ever-shorter product lifecycles, is strongly impacted.

Dassault Systèmes' Highly Flexible Manufacturing enables High-Tech companies to fully embrace the IIoT opportunity through the digital integration of manufacturing planning, execution and demand planning on a single platform. It delivers the production speed and agility required in today's competitive and cost-sensitive markets.

Benefits of Highly Flexible Manufacturing

  • Achieve time to market targets

    ... with optimized production scheduling and logistics planning.

  • Accelerate new product introduction (NPI) on a global scale

    ... with higher initial quality and faster ramp up by reducing delays to identify and contain defect by 80 percent

  • Reduce business risk

    ... with accurate demand and supply forecasts, while increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by more than 20 percent

  • Improve quality

    ... by enforcing consistent best practice processes across all facilities.

  • Augment production mix by +300 percent

    ... with global visibility and real-time intelligence on operations within and across plants, distribution centers and warehouses.

  • Cut time to market

    ... with analytics that can detect and address potential production bottlenecks before they happen.

Meet market dynamics and competitive pressures with Highly Flexible Manufacuring

Highly Flexible Manufacturing helps Consumer Electronics OEMs and EMS' transform their production and supply chain to gain the flexibility, efficiency and speed they need to compete in dynamic, global markets.

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