Sample Tracking

Achieve real-time asset tracking and control

The handling of samples is an important procedure for a globalized manufacturing ecosystem. The physical exchange between different sites needs to be safe and efficient in order to protect IP and guarantee a timely validation of a globally consistent quality.

Sample Tracking is a solution for the comprehensive tracking of all aspects of global sample transportation. By handling any type of manual, logical or sensor-driven transportation events and parameters, Sample Tracking delivers a precise and complete view of any number of globally distributed samples. The solution dynamically processes offline and online information device independently, providing a close to real-time status of all samples. Sample Tracking's rule-based engine helps securing and automating transportation and handling processes, while it is flexible to unforeseen delays and events. As a unique capability, it delivers handling documentation through virtual 3D-models.

With Sample Tracking, globally operating High-Tech manufactures can reach new levels of efficiency and security in managing their sample transportation and validation processes.